Great goal by 'Doc'

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Trinidad Guardian

Prime MinisterPrime Minister: Dr. Eric Williams kicking a football

PRAISE for the late Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams for the outstanding ability he displayed at soccer and cricket as a college boy came from men who either played with or saw him in action in "inter-col" and TAFA (Trinidad Amateur Football Association) matches.

Tory Stephens, aged 62, a former Invincible club cricketer who is still an ardent sports fan, yesterday said this to a gathering of Dr. Williams on the sporting field.

"I remember as the most remarkable performance by Dr. Williams on the football field, the day he scored a brilliant goal, playing inside-left for QRC against Maple on the Savannah.

"I cannot remember exactly what the final result was, but that goal scored was a gem. From the kick-off, the ball was passed to Eric — a happy little fellow, with handkerchief tied around his neck. He usually played like this ... socks dropped down and with woolly black curly hair, parted.

"Eric scored that goal after dribbling from the kick-off, with on one else touching the ball a la Pele. He had lots of energy."

Tory Stephens also said at cricket, Williams was a middle order batsman, fine cover fieldman and change bowler in his college days.