Dorset Beat Carib Side 4-2

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Jamaica Gleaner

Injuries to three key players for losers

Dorset County F.A. versus British Caribbean F.A.programme

AFTER TWICE taking the lead with brilliant first half goals, the Caribbean soccer tourists slumped to their third successive defeat at Weymouth tonight against a star studded Dorset County Eleven.

It was a great disappointment after such a promising start. And no player was more disappointed at their 4-2 defeat than Jamaican left winger, Owen Parker, who had put the Caribbean into the lead in the ninth minute.

For two-footed Parker—27 this month—failed to accept a wonderful present in the second half—an open goal.

He had cut through Dorset's defence and had only to stroke the ball into the net. But instead of shooting immediately, Parker, normally one of the brightest stars of the game, hesitated, giving time for a disparately covered defence to bundle the ball away when the score stood at 2-2- and a goal at that stage would have given the tourists a great chance of gaining their first win of the tour.

But as it was handicapped by injuries to the three key players, they failed to last the pace against a more experienced side.

But tour manager E. R. James, was far from dissatisfied with the performance. "This was the strongest team we have met yet and our boys showed marked improvement," he said.

"We are unlucky in that Hope and Griffiths in the defence and Bartlett in the attack were handicapped by second half injuries."

The 2,000 strong Weymouth crowd were impressed by some of the spectacular movements of the Caribbean players. Yet in the end it was over-elaboration which cost them the game.


Dorset County vs. Caribean F.A.line-up

The tourists approach work was often cleverly conceived and speedily executed. But forwards failed too much in the penalty area and many good openings were squandered.

The Caribbean needed more of a thoughtful approach as provided by right back Tyrone De LaBastide and outside right, Reginald Haynes.

De La Bastide's quick tackling, sure kicking and intelligent covering made him the best man on the field. Haynes did much that was effective and he, and mercurial Parker were the two most dangerous wingers in the game.

The Dorset's team was made up of three amateurs and eight professionals, including three men with English League experience—Stan Rickaby (formerly of England and West Bromwich Albion), Jim Dalley (Birmingham and Sheffield Wednesday) and Don Roper (an Arsenal "gunner" for nearly 10 years).


Parker with his tremendous quick running tore through Dorset's defence time and time again and he opened the scoring with a superlative goal—a ferocious cross-shot past goalkeeper Smith.

Bad defensive play gave Dorset the equalizer in the 36th minute. Noel Daniel failed to clear a simple centre and Dalley was presented with an easy goal.

Three minutes later however the tourists were ahead again with another brilliant goal. Sydney Bartlett swept through on his own and sent a great left-footer into the net from eighteen yards.

Dorset equalized again three minutes before half time when McLelland, their right half was allowed to go unopposed through the defence and score a simple goal.

Despite having three men limping, the Caribbean fighters held on until the 80th minute when Roper scored with a long-range drive which Pat Gomez diving, only helped into the net.

Roper scored again one minute from the end.