Jamaica Beat Trinidad 3-2

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Jamaica Gleaner

Game marked by wasted chances

JAMAICA ...... 3 (Alcock, Williams, Beek)
TRINIDAD ..... 2 (Lewis 2)

IN A GAME of wasted scoring opportunities Jamaica edged Trinidad's powerful England-bound soccer squad by the odd goal in five on a rain-soaked Sabina Park yesterday afternoon as three thousand spectators looked on at a 70-minute long contest.

Moving into a co-ordinated thrust from the first blow of the whistle, the Jamaica team displayed the benefits of a month long course by Haiti trained tutors, Dudley Smith and Noel Hall, had a two-goal lead at half time, Lester Alcock opening the account in the 28th minute and Bobby Williams increasing it in the 33rd minute.

Trinidad's team yesterday was Pat Gomez, goal; Johnny Atwell, right back; Syl Dopson, left back; Conrad Braithwaite, right half; Allan Joseph, centre half; Doyle Griffith, left half; Carlton Lewis, outside right; Carlton Hinds, inside right; Shay Seymour, centre forward; Rex Burnett, inside left; Colin Agostini, outside left.

Trinidad's team for today will be named this morning.

Jamaica's team, which will be the same for the final game today, was: Alexander Murphy, goal; Ken Hamilton, right back; Danny Sharrers, left back; Dudley Beek, right half; Henry Miller, centre half; Karl Largie, left half; Ted Ansell, outside right; Peter Pinhorn, inside right; Noel Tappin, centre forward; Lester Alcock, inside left; and Bobby Williams, outside left.

Before the start of today's game members of both teams will be introduced to the Governor, Sir High Foot.

With referee Bunny Barber in charge and referees Johnny Wongsam and Gilmore Delgado officiating as linesmen, Jamaica won the toss and elected to kick into the southern goal.

At the outset Tappin pushed the ball to Pinhorn, Tappin crossed to Largie, who pushed through an opening, and Alcock, manoeuvring into position, accepted on the run, danced around Syl Dopson and tried a strong which custodian Pat Gomez handled comfortably.

Trinidad's centre half, Allan Joseph, collected the clearance and in a winding dribble through mid-field let through Seymour and Hinds on a dual-run. One hesitant second spoilt this movement as Henry Miller, a pivot, barged through and banged downfield.

Noel Tappin, chosen as centre forward on the Jamaica team, was ill-positioned to receive the ball directed well within his compass and the omni-present Joseph was on the ball and sent Hinds away on a run.

In attempting to elude the advancing Jamaica left half, Largie, Hinds fell to a plot of his own design as Largie ignored his dummies and splittackled to take the ball and pass to Tappin, who once again failed to receive a pass correctly.

In the tenth minute a sigh crept through the crowd as Pinhorn dispatched on a solo run by Tappin, moved to within two yards outside the goal area and then shot tamely, the ball travelling slowly, almost apologetically, out of play.

Within another two minutes Williams crossed, Alcock trapped, deluded full backs Dopson and Atwell and let through Tappin, who, acting as though he had a year and a day at his disposal, dressed the ball and finally kicked it tamely three yards outside the upright on the ground.

Trinidad's first dangerous raid came after 20 minutes when Carlton Lewis tried a powerful right-footer which Murphy deftly steered around the post to concede a corner.

Jamaica had another close shave when to an advancing keeper Agostini tried a first-timer which rebounded from Murphy's outstretched hands back into play and, as Agostini shot again away from Murphy towards the yawning jaws of an empty goal. Hamilton, moving across, intercepted the shot at the goal.

In the 28th minute Pinhorn collected a long clearance from Danny Sharrers and dribbled through the centre with a sudden change-pass to Alcock.

Alcock, in a few moments of dribbling mastery, switched Dopson and Atwell out of the action area, bore through the middle into the goal area and hesitated to shoot with the defence spreadeagled. He then dribbled toward the left wing, drew the rest of the defenders, including the keeper, to him, and stabbed to the further corner to put Jamaica ahead as the ball hit the inside of the western upright and crawled slowly, but irrevocably, into the net.

From the kick-out Trinidad attacked again and Miller was blown for a foul tackle. Joseph took a powerful free kick which Murphy held with grim resolution.

In the 33rd minute Pinhorn, whose passes not always accurate in the earlier minutes, were now improving, lobbed to Williams, a sole occupant of the left wing. Williams cut in and slammed a low one just inside the eastern upright past Gomez, who seemed to have covered the ball. Jamaica were on the attack when the interval came.

second half

From the start of the second half Jamaica's team were intermittent in their effort and Rex Burnett taking over operational command of the visiting team, weaved a path through our defence, now filled with gaps in the centre, and let through winger Colin Agostini whose shooting was poor.

A sudden surge by Jamaica resulted in her third goal Pinhorn tackling Joseph in the centre, got the ball and sent a floor pass to Williams. Williams tackled by Braithwaite, kicked out the ball and got a corner himself and Beek at inside right slammed a first-timer through a maze of players into the far corner.

Trinidad score

Trinidad were all over Jamaica's team as their forwards were left unmarked. Lewis went on a goal-area mission from a Hinds pass and tried a speculative grounder which went through Murphy's hands into the goal to make the score 3-1.

In the 63rd minute Trinidad scored the final goal of the match. Burnett took a strong left-footer which hit the cross bar and ricochetted into play.

Hinds and Lewis closed in on the ball and as it went off Hinds. Lewis took a high shot which gave Murphy no chance.

Linesman Gilmore Delgado pointed for a goal kick ans as referee Barber looked to him for guidance he seemed uncertain. Barber went towards Delgado who then indicated a goal.

Jamaica's attack for the rest of the game was weakened by Bobby Williams, who insisted on making his task more difficult with dribbles to the corner post. Tappin, who maintained his indifferent positional play to the final whistle, and the cracking of the belly of the Jamaica defence by Allan Joseph, whose [illegible] play was a feature of the match.

[photo caption]
Sabina highlights as football series opened yesterday

JUST BEFORE the start of the Trinidad-Jamaica Intercolonial soccer game at Sabina Park yesterday afternoon members of the Trinidad team were introduced by acting captain, Rex Burnett, to Hon. Rose Leon, Minister of Health and Housing. (L to r) are Carlton Hinds, Doyle Griffith, Allan Joseph, Conrad Braithwaite, Carlton Lewis meeting Mrs. Leon and Pat Gomez. Behind Mrs. Leon are JFA president, Granville daCosta, holds an umbrella as a light drizzle fell, and Commander Charles Hayward president of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association. Right: Lester Alcock scores Jamaica's first goal after putting right back Johnny Atwell and goal keeper Pat Gomez (flat on ground) out of play. Members of the teams today will be introduced to His Excellency the Governor Sir Hugh Foot.