Nakhid Lets Fly

Marc Purcell
Date Published: 

Give David Nakhid a broom he is ready to clean house. Former national captain has come out all with his broom squarely aimed at TTFF head Oliver "where is my free trip" Camps.

Nakhid stated that in order for T&T to move ahead Oliver "I really don't have strings attached to me, honest" Camps must be removed as president. Nakhid said that Camps has failed to make arrangements to take T&T into the next century.

Speaking to the Trinidad Express, Nakhid stated: "The only thing which Camps has proven himself to be is a total failure, His track record up to now has been one of only incompetence. I am prepared, with the help of the public who I feel from all accounts have already decided that they have had enough of local administrators, to take this as far as it will go."

Nahkid said that in order for T&T to qualify the entire administration needs to be completely overhaul. He continued: "Imagine only 4,000 people turned up to see a Copa final with the national team involved...people are staying away from the football for a reason. They have a perception that the administration is poor and until such time as this problem is solved they will not come out... bringing Dwight (Yorke) may work once or twice by filling up the Stadium", he asked "what will happen when Dwight is playing and the crowds don't come out?"

"Everybody is tiptoeing around," he continued, "not wanting to mash anybody's toes. Nobody wants to ask serious questions about things anymore. But I intend to ask these questions from now until I die."

Nakhid made comments directed towards those above the administration stating: "We have too much nepotism, too much conflict of interest in football. All these things we need to take a serious look at."

Nakhid stated that there were several areas that needed to taken care off. They include treatment of players, the necessity of adequate facilities and the the federation's alienation from the national team (more on that later).

With regard to finance he let his feelings be known load and clear: "I think people don't have trust and confidence in the current administration...once that is the case it's going to be extremely hard to gain sponsorship."

"Sponsors are staying way from football," he continued, citing no authority for his claims, "because they believe that the same people have been running the football throughout the years and are merely being recycled. So these guys should go and let the sponsors see some new people who they can trust."

Finally he stated his strong belief in current head coach Bertille St. Clair. "St Clair has shown he's the man. I was happy for the Copa win because it keeps the vultures away from Bertille for now...he'll now have some more time to do the things he needs because I'm still convinced he's the man for the job."

However, he still has some concern with regard to Bertille: "I believe they (TTFF) want to fire him without having to be bound by anything. I know they would love to fire St Clair but if you ask the public now who they would prefer, Camps or Bertille, who do you think will survive?"

Nakhid is correct in the isolation that is felt between the local team and administration. Two years ago when T&T was preparing for the Gold Cup in California several players were injured or playing hurt. One former member of the national team took his money and time to take players to get MRI's at the Eric Williams Medical center. Later he remarked: "Imagine we are are just a few weeks away from the Gold Cup and not one member from the administration has even called or visited the players." From all indication things have not changed.

Strange but true, there is also stress between certain members in the organizing committee of the World Under 17 tournament in 2001 and the administration. There are times when the relationship seems icy and at times vicous. You would think otherwise for such a important tournament. There was a great deal of disappointment in the rehiring of Camps last August. Just when it looked like a palace coup was going to take place and Camps seemed to be on his last legs, it turned out to be the same old song and dance.

Finally I have included a article that appeared three months after our failure to reach the World Cup. I ask you have we progressed from that point?