Programme For Trinidad Tour

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Our Trinidad football invaders are almost here! But instead of meeting them with fixed bayonets and other implements of war to throw thorn back into the sea, or rather the air as they come by plane, we welcome them in the fraternal spirit of West Indies goodwill, as we did their cricket predecessors last June.

Their arrival between Thursday and Friday will mark the break in Jamaica's long absence from international, and our second participation in intercolonial football. In the first case, we last played against an overseas side in 1938 when the Oxford-Cambridge combination visited here in connection with the Kingston Diamond Jubilee; and in the other Trinidad incidentally were our opponents on that first occasion.


That was in 1935-36 and I give here the results of that pioneer tournament:

1st Match — vs Combined Schools — 5-0
2nd Match — vs Sherwood Foresters — 2-2
3rd Match — vs JAMAICA — 3-2
4th Match — vs Kingston — 0-1
5th Match — vs JAMAICA — 1-0
6th Match — vs St. George's O.B. — 0-2
7th Match — vs JAMAICA — 2-1
8th Match — vs Montego Bay — 2-1

A really good record for the visitors who lost only two matches to Kingston and St. George's respectively; but won all the "plum" matches against Jamaica. Is revenge sweet?

This time they play five Colony Matches, the usual three club games, one against the schools, but none against a country side. Montego Bay, the pick of the latter category, I understand, were not interested as they feel that their standard of football at the moment does not warrant their taking the risk of entertaining our next visitors.


The form displayed by Headman and Largie, back and half-back respectively for St. George's Old Boys on Saturday in the S.K.O. final, augers well for the schoolboys in the opening match of the tournament on Saturday next. We should anticipate their improving very much on the 5-0 performance of their predecessors.

St. George's the S.K.O. champions, but third in the Senior League table will provide the opposition in the second match on Monday next. The order of meeting the visitors was decided by the J.F.A. Council to be the first three clubs in the Senior League, the third playing the first club match, the runners-up, the second and the champions the third.

Thus after the first and second Colony Matches next week Wednesday and Saturday, respectively Lucas will be the second club on the list on Monday, 17th February and Melbourne last on the 24th February, just prior to the last Colony Match.