The Captain

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

MAJOR George Allen, Jamaica College master, follows in the footsteps of such other Englishmen as Harry Paxton and Captain Harvey in captaining Jamaica at football. The latter actually did so against Trinidad in 1935-36.

Arriving here in the earlier part of last year, Allen was really no stranger, as Jamaica crowds had in 1937 thrilled to the wizardry of the red-headed inside-left of the Corinthian-Casual team—first English football side to be seen in this country.

At that time, it is said, he did not make the England Amateur XI merely because he was a contemporary of Riley, then the first-pick for inside-left on representative sides.


In the couple of matches in which he has played since his return to settle down here he has revealed convincingly that he has lost little if any of his touch, if naturally slower. It is the consensus of opinion that Allen, along with his former team-mate Gordon Partridge, has done wonders with our players. The success of the Jamaica College team is another monument to his ability as a coach.

Allen is a graduate of Sheffield University and in 1934 played for North vs South, while just before he came here in 1937 he helped the Casuals to win the English Amateur Cup.

He saw service with the British Army in the last war and was 'demobbed' with the rank of major.