Jamaica's Footer XI To Meet Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PLAYERS, prices, and the length of the programme are the three chief topics in connection with the Trinidad Football Tour of Jamaica, which is only about three weeks away. Anytime now, for instance, we are expected to receive here the composition of the visiting side. I personally, as a result could appreciate the earliest release of the official programme by the J.F.A.

Letters and discussions—and the latter are legion and at times vitriolic—have been helping me to realise more and more our responsibility as the time for Jamaica's first overseas football tournament since 1938 draws nearer. Our last visitors were the Oxford and Cambridge combination.

Among my correspondence is a letter in which the writer not only suggests a Jamaica team, but discusses the ability and chances of certain players besides passing on a hint to the J.F.A. regarding the "ground" spectator.

I really think that F. M. Edwards' opinion is thoughtful if somewhat gloomy, and so I am giving it here in full. He writes:


"Dear Mr. Linesman—I am very much concerned over the material we have at our disposal from which to select the All Jamaica side. It is well and good to get into glee over the coaching done by Messrs. Allen and Partridge, but whilst not belittling their efforts they are not expected to perform miracles overnight. The match with H.M.S. Kenya was not a test of what they had accomplished.

"When, sir, you write to tell us that Delgado (Vernon) is the best back we have playing today; McKenzie, an old crock, our best forward; Noel Hall, our best outside-right—a player who knows absolutely nothing about winging the ball; it leaves us all the more in a state of dispair.

"McKenzie must be ruled out right away; he cannot stand the 80 minutes play and must make way for a younger man. Delgado is the greatest miskicker playing to-day; and Hall just another club forward. Here is my team:

"A. T. McLean; A. U. Dujon, Shakespeare; Walters, McKen, Ricketts; D. Smith, O. Mason, J. K. Holt Jnr., L. Alcock or Major Allen, Hollingshead. Reserve: Alvin McLean, Huntley DaCosta, A. Henny.

"I hope the price of admission to the matches won't be more than one shilling to the grounds or else someone is going to pay; for the paying public refuses to be exploited anymore."


Mr. Edwards also enquired of Mr. Harry Paxton, former Jamaica centrehalf, as to why he had not been helping to coach our players. For the information of my correspondent Mr. Paxton was invited along with the other two gentlemen to train our players, but he could not accept owing to pressure of work.

Continuing in this informative vein having the full list of prices for the tournament I am going to give them here both for the benefit of Mr. Edwards and the public in general. Here they are:

Ground only 2/- (entrance through South Camp Road Gate); Bleachers (north-west and southern) 3/-; Stand 4/-; Covered Waggon (reserved) 5/-; Southern Bleacher in Stand (reserved) 5/-; Northern Bleacher in Stand (unreserved) 5/-; Boxes, each seat 7/6; Season Tickets (reserved)—nine matches £2. And that's that!


With reference to the position of Delgado I never wrote that he was our best back; but seeing him in two successive matches—for St. George's vs. Melbourne, and vs. Kenya—I said that he was the best back in the field on each occasion, and I still stick to that conviction. Dudley Smith, whom Mr. Edwards has on his Jamaica side, told me that Delgado is the best of our left-backs he has played against. True he has the "hilarious" tendency of miskicking at the wrong moment, and for that reason I never always take him seriously, but he was on the Jamaica Award XI in 1944-5, and he seems to have been concentrating more on the ball this season than formerly.

Here is another team I have received from K. Robinson; which like that of Mr. Edwards, I leave to public opinion or the critical eyes of our Selectors, if they see them:—

A. S. Dujon; R. Johnson, V. Delgado; Walters, McKen, Ricketts; Hall, McKenzie, Holt, Allen, Alcock; Reserves: McLean (?), D. Smith, K. Lyew.