For The Record

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Sports Illustrated

A Roundup Of The Sports Information Of The Week


SOCCER—NORTH AMERICAN LEAGUE: Atlanta Chief Coach Vic Rouse switched Right Fullback Henry Largie to center forward for the game against St. Louis and saw his strategy pay off when Largie scored three goals and added two assists in their 6-1 victory. In Washington league-leading Goalkeeper and Coach Lincoln Phillips recorded his 10th shutout of the season as the Darts—who have not lost a home game since 1967—downed the Rochester Lancers 2-0. League-leading scorer Leroy DeLeon booted in both goals unassisted to take a four-point lead in the race for the Goal Getters Cup.

Northern Division: Kansas City (6-7-6), Rochester (5-7-5), St. Louis (3-14-2). Southern Division: Washington (13-3-3), Atlanta (6-8-5), Dallas (6-9-4).