Opportunity Knocks

E.H.J. King
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Colossal Effrontery

Sometimes one meets with a piece of effrontery so brazen that one is left momentarily speechless. Such unfair impudence is the suggestion put forward that when the Trinidad team comes to Jamaica, the Combined St. James team should move to Kingston to play it. In favour of, the proposal has been put forward the argument that a larger crowd is likely to attend a Kingston fixture.

Possibly that is so. But what is the real purpose of bringing the Trinidadians here? Is it to declare a handsome profit? Or is it to stimulate sporting interest and activity as widely as possible, and incidentally prove a financial success?

I am not convinced that those responsible for the tour are money-seekers first and sportsmen second. They cannot fail to recognise the importance of giving the people of St. James an opportunity of seeing the visitors. Nor should they deny to the St. James footballers a chance of pulling off on their own field the victory which they narrowly failed to win the last time a Trinidad team visited Montego Bay.

Jarrett Park where the match will be played offers a field as good as anything which exists in the capital, with new arrangements which facilitate the complete control of any crowd.