Trinidad Soccer Team May Include Five Cricketers

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

According to a letter received from Derek Sealy, the West Indies cricketer, from Port-of-Spain last week, the Trinidad football season has ended and five members of the Trinidad team which visited Jamaica earlier in the year have qualified for selection to return here next February with the football team.

Derek writes: "Our soccer season came to an end yesterday (Thursday, December 12) with Notre Dame at the head, winning the Martinez Shield. Maple won the Knockout Trophy and Malvern, a second division team with Lance Pierre at centre-half, won the First-Class B.D.V. Cup.

"Football on the whole has been disappointing, even though there was the incentive of a tour. Still they will get together a fairly good side which should include Gomez, Stollmeyer, Jones, Ganteaume and Pierre.

Notre Dame's success is equivalent to our Senior League championship. The competition in Trinidad is known as the "Big Five" series. That is, the first five first-class teams meet each other twice to decide the Northern Championship. This year they were Sporting Club, Notre Dame, Casuals, Shamrock and Colts.


Likely members of the champion team to visit Jamaica are S. Dopson (full-back), Rex Burnett (brother of Harold and sharp-shooting inside left), and "Bassy" Pierre (centre-half).

Maple's success is equivalent to our Senior K.O. championship. More second division teams take part in the B.D.V. Cup competition than is the case in Jamaica. Malvern are the T.A.F.A.'s Second Division champions.

Prior Jones, likely Trinidad captain for Jamaica, plays for Maple; so does Ganteaume. Emmanuel, and Sampson (backs), Dolly (centre-half) and Chambers (winger) are other members of the Maple team in the running for selection to Jamaica.

Gomez and Stollmeyer play for Casuals. Lance Pierre is the dark-horse. Never in the picture previously, he has suddenly, through the performance of his second division team, come into the limelight, and with the advantage of height in his favour may make the team for Jamaica.

But, according to Sealy, Trinidad also experienced a season of indifferent football. So Trinidad seems to be in the same boat as Jamaica.