Coming Football Visit

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Jamaica Gleaner

PORT OF SPAIN, December 5: (From our correspondent):—

Jamaica's sporting public may well see the unusual spectacle of at least two second class players on a representative side when the Trinidad soccer team visits the "Isle of Springs" next February.

Spectacular and sudden rise in the Trinidad soccer firmament of second class Malvern, who on Saturday trounced powerful first class Sporting Club by six goals to two to win the prized B.D.V. trophy, may make it imperative for the Trinidad selectors to include at least two players from Malvern on the touring team.

Not since the mighty Everton came from the ranks of second class football sixteen years ago to carry off every first class trophy within their grasp, has a lower division outfit created such an impression on the minds of followers of the game.

Experts as well as railbirds are loud in their praise of the Malvern side, and after Saturday's display against Sporting Club, regarded as one of the strongest elevens in Trinidad all and sundry agreed that second class or no second class, Malvern can easily merit at least three selectees on the Trinidad side for Jamaica.

Outstanding on the Malvern front line which is as sharp as a razor's edge is 20 year old C. (Putty) Lewis the right winger, whose dash and accuracy in this position, give him strong claims for selection. Lewis plays in any position on the attacking line, but is a natural winger.

Brains of the Malvern forward line is Phil Douglin, who plays in inner left position, right next to Lewis. Full of guile and very unselfish, Doughlin, in this writer's opinion has as good a chance as any when Trinidad settles down to pick the final side for Kingston. On the right extremity of the forward line is Lio Lynch, another dashing wing man with plenty accuracy, and a good shot in either foot.

On the ball is "Squeakie" Hinds, who has the unusual distinction of representing Trinidad as a second class player early this year in British Guiana.

Lance Pierre, who Jamaica saw this year as a member of the Trinidad cricket team, is Malvern's pivot man. On present form Pierre ranks high among the colony's ranking centre halves, and it would come as no surprise to fans here if Pryor Jones fast bowling partner were to catch the selectors eyes next February.

Trinidad has a wealth of half backs, as your correspondent mentioned in this column some weeks ago, but there is always room it the top for a good man, and Malvern's young and sturdy wing half, C. Waldron, is sure to be seriously considered for selection.

The other Malvern player who justly deserves consideration is Jackie Blackman their full back, who did yeoman service on Saturday in keeping off repeated and dangerous thrusts in his citadel, by the Sporting Club forwards.