Trinidad Footballers Coming To Jamaica

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Jamaica Gleaner

[photo caption]

These pictures, sent us by our Trinidad correspondent, present some of the footballers who are booked to visit this island next year. Top picture shows the North Trinidad XI which includes eleven probable players for selection on the side to Jamaica. They are reading from left to right: Front row—Peter Nicholson (St. Mary's College, right winger), Joseph White (St. Mary's College, inside right), Carlton Downes (Colts F.C. and Trinidad, left winger), Gerry Gomez (Casuals F.C. and Trinidad, inside left), Boysie Monteil (Sporting Club, left winger); Middle Row—A. Hewson (British Army, light half), Pryor Jones (captain), Malcolm McLean (Shamrock and Trinidad, right half); Back row—Rolly Tench (Sporting Club and Trinidad, full back), F. Merritt (Colts F.C. and Trinidad goalkeeper), Hugo Emanuel (Maple and Trinidad, full back). Centre picture shows the Hon. A. B. Wright, Trinidad's Colonial Secretary, kicking off in a recent North-South match. On the left is Wilan Baird, clever South Trinidad inside right, while Ken Galt, South's captain, is on the right. Galt has been mentioned as likely captain of Trinidad. Bottom picture shows Pryor Jones, Gerry Gomez, Boysie Monteil, F. Merritt and Hugo Emanuel, Insert: John ("Lion") Sampson (Maple and Trinidad full back) who is a "dead cert" on the team.