T.A.F.A. Big Soccer Plans

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Trinidad Amateur Football Association plans the staging of a Goodwill soccer tourney here early next month between visiting teams from British Guiana and Surinam, and also getting out a team from the United Kingdom in 1948.

The Association has just been granted permission by Government to enclose a portion of the Queen's Park Savannah, where the games will be played, so as to be able to charge a ground fee to the "rail-birds" who would otherwise watch the matches free of charge. In making this application the Association told Government that they needed the extra money to defray expenses of the forth coming tournaments.

Visit of the Surinam and British Guiana sides will provide the T.A.F.A. selection committee with ample opportunity of selecting the team to meet Jamaica next year, and trial matches would hardly be necessary.