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G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Trinidad Visit

The Trinidad football visit is scheduled to take place early in February, so as to clear the Barbados cricket tour in January, but since the Barbadian tour is now off, the football visit might be brought forward to January; on the other hand, there is a chance (which Jamaicans
hope will materialise) that since Barbados is unable to entertain us over there, we may be able to bring them over here, particularly as the Indian tour is now cancelled.

The J.F. A. has also received an invitation to take part in a conference with a view to forming a local Indian Football Association, to function similarly to the W.I. Cricket Board of Control.

The J.F.A. is entirely in favour of the proposal, but has suggested it would be more desirable to hold the conference in a neutral Island, centrally situated for all the parties concerned (we have suggested St. Kitts), rather than in Trinidad, as at present proposed.