J.F.A. Plans To Share An English Coach With Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Besides the Trinidad tour next year, the Jamaica Football Association will resume their overseas activities as much as conditions permit; if in the case of the history-making English tour of the West Indies negotiations for the time being have been abandoned.

Through Lieut. Commander Charles Hayward, President of the Trinidad Amateur F.A., such a project was mooted; the tour to be conducted on lines similar to a cricket tour of the M.C.C. and thus handled by a West Indies Board of Control.

Trinidad, the moving spirit, has gained the co-operation of the other major Colonies, and next month there will be a meeting at a place most convenient to delegates in the matter of transportation to form such a Board. Jamaica plans to be present, and has suggested St. Kitts as the best place of venue for the above reason.

Transportation as in the case of the Indian cricket tour has been the reason for putting off the English tour, which was to have taken place next year, until 1948. This will no doubt be discussed at the inaugural meeting of the West Indies Board next month.


Sharing an English coach with Trinidad is another plan mooted for the future and naturally for the welfare of Jamaica's football. Trinidad have definitely arranged to have a coach down next year from England and she is willing to loan him to Jamaica for three months at a cost of approximately £300 for the period, which will be from September to November.

At their first meeting the new J.F.A. Council appointed a Committee to go into the matter of how the necessary funds could be raised to avail ourselves of the service of the coach so generously offered by the sister Colony. It is an offer that should also be pounced upon as Jamaica would be getting a bargain that would otherwise cost much more than £300 if we should get down a coach from England on our own.


Be what it may, whether Jamaica should decide to share the coach with Trinidad or not, the latter will be bringing him down for her own purpose.

The Committee to solve the £300 problem is composed of: Messrs. E. D. Matthews, H. B. Brown, A. D. Soutar and Jock Campbell.

The J.F.A. Council endeavouring to make amends for the mistake affecting the position of the Rev. Fr. Leo T. Butler, who had been a Vice-president of the Council for many many years, and was not re-elected as it was thought he had left the Island, exercised its power of co-option by co-opting the gentleman onto the Council.

The Referee Committee to act as intermediary between the Council and the Referees' Association will be composed of: Messrs. Vin Sasso, C. C. Passailaigue and Jock Campbell.

Complaints Committee for the season will be: Hon. Surgeon-Major A. G. Curphey, Messrs. T. N. Willoughby, Douglas Fletcher, H. B. Brown and C. C. Passailalgue.