J.F.A. Council Discuss Important Matters

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

A meeting of the Council of the Jamaica Football Association was held at Sabina Park on Thursday night when important matters concerning proposals of the Association were discussed.

Hon. Douglas Judah, President, occupied the chair, and other members of the council present were: Hon. Major A. G. Curphy, M.B.E., M.C., Messrs. R. W. Campbell, Douglas Fletcher, Mike Hanna, A. D. Soutar, D. A. Bicknell, P. Chevannes, E. D. Matthews and H. N. Walker, hon. Secretary.

Also present were: Lieut. Col. C. Heywood [sic, Hayward], President of the Trinidad Football Association and Mr. Herbert G. Macdonald.

The Association having invited Trinidad footballers to come to Jamaica and they having accepted, the council discussed the financial aspect of the proposed visit. Two other important matters discussed were the proposal of a coach for Jamaica footballers and the proposed visit of the English team during next year.

On the latter matter, the council decided that originally it was proposed to have the Trinidad team out here in January 1947 and the touring English team to the West Indies in 1948. It was, however, likely that the English team would be touring the West Indies in 1947, and if such be the case then the Trinidad visit would be abandoned for the time being in preference for the English team.

It was also pointed out that Trinidad proposed securing the services of an English football coach, and if this came about, the Association would endeavour to obtain the services of that coach to come out to Jamaica and coach the footballers here for a period of three months.