Jamaica-Trinidad Football Meet Likely

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Stated to leave the island today on his way hack to Trinidad, where he is the head of many sporting and other civic organisations, is Lieut.-Commander Charles Hayward, who has been here since Saturday intransit from England.

Mexican Consul in Trinidad, the Commander is probably more interested to the Jamaica reader because he is President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, and as such represented not only the sister colony's Association, but the British West Indies in general discussions on the future plans of football in the west with the English Football Association.

Very keen on the progress of the game in Trinidad, he has not only discussed the possibilities of an English professional side touring the West Indies (Jamaica included) in the near future, but he has brought out with him an educational film for the benefit of football in Trinidad. He seemed willing that Jamaica should also have the benefit which the film might impart to our players if our Association are interested.


It is here interested to note that Commander Hayward saw Mr. G.M. daCosta, active 1st Vice-President of the Jamaica Football Association, and the result of the discussion seemed mutual as far as future plans between the two colonies are concerned.

It will be recalled that Trinidad visited Jamaica in the 1934-5 [sic, 1935-6 season], and from what is understood the resultant tour between us and Trinidad was fully discussed between the two gentlemen. Mr. daCosta is really the acting President of the J.F.A. at the moment as other activities have kept the Hon. Douglas Judah rather busy otherwise these days. A Trinidad-Jamaica meeting in the near future seems likely.