Trinidad Cricketers Are Footballers Too

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Gerry Gomez, the Trinidad and West Indies cricketer, has been showing great form in the present Trinidad football season, one of his latest achievements being what is know as the "beaver trick".

Playing for his club, Casuals, in a Trinidad F.A. trophy match, equivalent to our Senior Knockout, he scored his side's four goals to defeat the Colts. The Test cricketer plays at inside-left besides his other Test colleague, young Jeffrey Stollmeyer, while the great Botha Tench was at centre-half as usual. Two of the goals were penalties.

Gomez was also the star in a First League match when his club beat Maple 3-1. Victor Stollmeyer, another Test cricketer, was on the left wing this time, while brother Jeffrey was on the right. It was from two former corners kicked by Victor that Gomez scored Casual's first two goals, and after he hit the cross-bar for his inside-right to score from the rebound.

All the praise in the match however did not go to the cricketers. Peter [Prior] Jones, who visited here, came in for his share. "Two players stood head and shoulder above the others. They were inside left Gomez (Casuals) and center-half Jones (Maple). Gomez did everything a classic forward could have done, while Jones always sure-handed worked like a Trojan in halting the Casuals [illegible]" says a report.

In between these matches, Gomez, Jeffrey Stollmeyer, Jones, along with D'Arcy Galt represented a T.A.F.A. eleven against a Se[illegible] League Eleven in an inter-league match, the former winning narrowly by 2 goals to one, Jeffrey Stollmeyer scored the goal that gave his side the match.