Trinidadians Known Here, In Colony Games

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Jamaica Gleaner

Players Who Made Visit To Island Take Part In Many Matches

The football season of Trinidad came to a close on Saturday, December 18, when Westham won the Trinidad F.A. Trophy for 1938. San Fernando, losers by 2 goals to nil, were helped by M. Jones, one of the two wicketkeepers Trinidad has selected for the present Intercolonial cricket tournament in goal.

The match was refereed by Arthur Wilkinson, captain of the Trinidad team which visited Jamaica in the season of 1935-36.

At the end of the match the trophies won by the different clubs were handed out by the former first president of the Trinidad Association, which he was instrumental in forming. The first League Shield went to Casuals, led by C. Botha Tench and the B.D.V. Cup to Shamrock, for whom Frank Ambard (goalkeeper) and Willie Payne (outside-left) played—all players who have been to Jamaica.

Football in the south of Trinidad went on for four weeks after the close of the T.A.F.A. season. On the following Saturday, Apex beat U.B.O.T. 4-2 for the Stephens Charity Cup, and two days later the latter reversed the issue by the same score when the two teams met for the Oil Well Supply Cup—competitions for oilfield clubs.

When U.B.O.T. lost they had J.C. Sutherland, who visited here, playing at inside-left for them and re-scored his side's two goals. When they won they were without him.

On the second occasion they had Otto Wilkes, another visitor here, at centre-half and so strengthened their defence.

When they lost, U.B.O.T. were leading 2-1 at one time, Sutherland scoring his two goals as follows: "Another bit of combination got the sphere down to the corner flag. Lumsden centered and Sutherland made no mistake with his right foot.

"The game now became very spirited" each side being one goal up. "Sutherland then collected a ball from midfield and very cleverly worked his way down and with a beautiful long shot completely baffled Waldson as the report says.

Buster Henderson, still another visitor here, refereed the match.