Tench, Centre Forward

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

C. Botha Tench, who was vice-captain of the Trinidad football team, which visited Jamaica in the season of 1935-36 is regarded as one of the best in the opinion of many, the best centre half ever visited Jamaica. It will therefore be interesting and no doubt surprising to learn that he has since turned a centre forward and is also making a success of the job.

He led the Casual Club to the League championship of the Colony this year in that position, and in the following fight for the F.A. Cup, equivalent to our Senior Knockout, he score 7 goals in a match when his club were humbling Notre Dame 10-2.

"Botha Tench, playing at centre forward for the winners, emerged out of yesterday's (November 16) affair with the enviable and perhaps unprecedented distinction of netting seven goals in a single game", runs one report.