Trinidad and B.G. to Invite Out English Football Teams

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad and British Guiana have taken a leaf out of the book of Jamaica football. The Associations of the two colonies, who are now in rivalry on the field in Demerara, have been in correspondence with the English Football Association with the view of the latter rending a team to tour both places.

The Trinidad Association has taken the initiative and during the present tournament, the representatives of either colony will discuss the project.

As the Jamaica Association knows from experience, the question of bringing out an English combination to the West Indies takes a considerable amount of money, but in the case of the sister colonies, the English Association, it is understood, has proposals to make their task easier.

It has offered a substantial sum towards defraying the cost of the steamship passage for the team, but with the understanding that Trinidad and British Guiana meet the cost for hotel accommodation and other expenses.

During the football season just closed, I reproduced an article from the Demerara "Daily Argosy", suggesting that the Association of that colony either invite a


or, like us, try and get down a combination from the Corinthian and Casual Clubs.

Nothing has been heard officially of an invitation being sent us, but the latest report reveals that British Guiana are more interested in the English visit, and as a result correspondence has begun unofficially between the colony's Association and the English clubs on the matter.

"It is understood that the English Clubs, will be willing to send a strong combined team to these parts on conditions similar to those which operated when they visited Jamaica, that is the local Association be responsible for all expenses of the team," says the report.

The matter is said to be receiving the attention of the British Guiana Football Association, and with the coming visit of the Oxford and Cambridge combination to Jamaica in connection with the Kingston Club's Jubilee celebrations, some two or three English football teams should be visiting the West Indies during the present year.