Trinidad Football Team To Visit B.G.

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

In spite of the recent exhortation on the part of the Press of British Guiana for the Football
Association of that colony to invite a team from Jamaica during the present year, it does not appear likely so far, that such a tour will materalise.

The British Guiana Association is more taken up with the idea of renewing "hostilities" with Trinidad, and at their half-yearly meeting held on January 24, it was decided to send a formal invitation to the Trinidad Amateur Football Association to send a team to British Guiana this year.

Mr. T. B. Reed, who is well known here and who also has the idea of inviting over a Jamaica
team, was the principal mover in the proposed Trinidad visit. Trinidad will be attracted to accept the invitation due to the fact that the British Guiana Association will meet all expenses of the tour.

Thus, it is hoped that the football authorities of the "Land of the Humming Bird" will see their way sending the team. As such a visit will mark the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the B.G.F.A. headquarters.