Foresters Defeat Southern Trinidad Football Champions

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Led by Lance-Corporal Reeve, the football team of the company of Sherwood Foresters, stationed in Trinidad since the unrest in that Colony, defeated the United British Trinidad Oilfields eleven, champions of the south by three goals to one on Saturday, January 15.

Playing for the U.B.O.T. was John Sutherland, Trinidad's star inside-left, who came to Jamaica
with the colony's term, and who made his presence felt by scoring his side's only goal.

The Soldiers are said to have played good football and the report going on says:

"Fast and thrilling were the exchanges in the opening stages of the game with Pemberton, Topham and Reeve of the Sherwood Foresters, and Anderson, Bongers, Phillips and Healy, of U.B.O.T., the outstanding players in the defence lines of the respective teams. The Foresters then settled down to a vigorous offensive and Baker, U.B.O.T.'s clever custodian, experienced many anxious moments as he saved many shots at his goal by Walker, Tomblin, Hill and Haycock.


"The scene then shifted to the visitors' area where Topham, Pemberton, Harris and Barber in goal broke up many threatening invasions by Sutherland, Harragin, Lumsden and Riley."

The first half actually ended without either side scoring. On the resumption, by dint of perseverance and clever combination, the Foresters kept the sphere centred in their opponents' area, where a foul was committed by a unit of the Oilfielders within his team's penalty area. Private Topham took the kick and beat Baker completely with a powerful shot.

"Spurred on by this success, the Foresters attacked relentlessly and from a range of about 35 yards Private Walker beat Baker to a frazzle with a 'gem' of a shot in the top corner of the net, to put his team two up.

"A few minutes later, the Foresters increased their lead, when a splendid bit of combination by their forwards carried the ball into their opponents' area and Private Hill completed the good work by scoring at close range.

"During the last three minutes of the game, Sutherland in a brilliant solo effort, cleverly beat three of the opposing defenders to find the net with a fine shot."


The Foresters should have met a team representing the full strength of Trinidad. The match was arranged for an earlier date than the one with U.B.O.T. but had to be postponed weeks before. The 1937 season, which was prolonged because of some replayed fixtures, having been concluded since, the T.A.F.A. regretfully had to abandon the match for good.