Foresters Beaten At Soccer In Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The footballers of the detachment of the Sherwood Foresters Regiment now stationed in Trinidad received a setback when they played their first match in Port-of-Spain on December 22. Although they played a brilliant game they were beaten by the only goal scored in the match with a powerful Constabulary eleven.

In an interesting game, play veered from one side to another. At one time it would be the police having the better of it and at another the soldiers would dominate matters, yet both goal-keepers. Constable R. Mauge and Birber, of the Foresters, kept goal well and at half-time neither side had scored.

Sometime in the second half, says the reporter, the Constables seized an opportunity, and netted a goal which was destined to be the only one in the game.

C. Gibbons, a speedy forward at outside left, was the one who started the movement and James (outside right) fished it off with a brilliant header, which completely beat Birber.

The Foresters then missed a good opportunity to equalise, when a shot hit the crossbar and rebounded back into play.

The Foresters were represented by the following: Birber; Topham, Pemberton; Howells, Reeves, Harris; Pepper, Wykes, Cumbley, Tomblin, Haycock.