Sport Flashes From Abroad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Speaking of Rolph Grant on his leaving Trinidad for Surinam with his team of footballers, Arthur Wilkinson gave him a dig as regards Grant's interview to the Gleaner when he was in Jamaica lately. Rolph appeared to have said that the respectable people in Trinidad have dropped football and taking up tennis, which statement 'Wilkie' refuted in the Press.

He was rather optimistic as regards the chances of Trinidad in Surinam which views Mr. E. A. Hinds, Secretary-Treasurer of the T.A.F.A. and Manager of the present team also holds. Trinidad, however, will be without her great centre-half Botha Tench, he being unable to make the trip at the last moment.

The tour is in connection with the present celebrations in connection with the Dutch Princess Juliana's marriage, and a football team from British Guiana although not under the auspices of the B.G.F.A., will be taking part too.