Trinidad Football Season Comes to A Successful End.

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Jamaica Gleaner

Doings Of Clubs For Which Players Who Visited Jamaica Last Season Play

[illegible] Champion Club of Trinidad was played in the South on the Saturday following, December 19, but it ended in a nill-all draw.

There are two Associations in that colony under which the game of football is played. They are the Trinidad Amateur Football Association and the Southern Amateur Football Association. To decide, therefore, which should be the champion club of the island, the winners of the T.A.F.A. First League Shield meet the winners of the S.A.F.A. similar shield.

The two clubs therefore concerned, are the Sporting Club, the T.A.F.A. champions and John Alkins' team, and United British, S.A.F.A. champions and the team for which Cyril Sutherland and Otto Wilkes play. The encounter would be the last match of the season, and the winning side to receive the Gooden Chisholm Cup, symbolic of the Island's Championship.

It will be observed that the two champion clubs of their respective Associations have playing for them the two most dangerous forwards on the Trinidad combination which toured Jamaica during the last season—Alkins (centre-forward) and Sutherland (inside-left). Sutherland, however, plays at centre for his club, and Wilkes at centre-half.

It will be interesting to note that although the United British were the S.A.F.A. League champions,


for which the Henderson brothers and Thompson Hadden, late of Kingston and Jamaica full-back, play have won four of the trophies under the aegis of the S.A.F.A. The cups are the Stephen's Charity Cup, the Duckham Cup, Oil Well Cup and the Supply Cup. They lost the Brighton Cup to United British in a hard fought game by 3—2. Leaseholds at one time were leading 2—1, but threw away later chances.

Although the Shamrock F.C. lost the T.A.F.A. League Shield by one point to Sporting Club, they [illegible] off the F.A. Cup for the season by defeating the Apex F.C. of the S.A.F.A by 2—1 in the final game. As is already known Frank Ambard and D'Arcy Galt who came out here with the Trinidad team are members of the Shamrock side. Galt also has a brother, Ken, as a member (centre-forward), of the side and who was the leading goal-scorer of the year.

In all it is regarded that colony had a brilliant season, it being a great improvement on the two previous seasons when it was feared that lack of patronage [illegible] far as to bring T.A.F.A. football to an end. One of the features that contributed to the revival of the game was the fact that the Maple F.C., after two years absence, returned to take part and were one of the leading teams of the year, finishing third in the First League table. Prior Jones, another member of the touring side out here, plays at centre-half for this club.

Sporting Club, the league champions, are a youthful side, and it was the first time since 1926 they won the Shield. They, however, have been runners-up for the two seasons.

Trinidad had no visitors during the season, but following up on their tour of Jamaica and Colombia last season, they will be sending a combination to Surinam, the Dutch Colony; the tour to last from the end of the present year to January 14. The names of the players to make the trip have already been published in the Gleaner; nine members who came here to be on the team.