Late All-Jamaica And Kingston Full-Back's Team Wins 3rd Trophy

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Leaseholds F.C. connected with the firm of Trinidad Leaseholds, Ltd., and for which Thompson Hadden, late of Kingston, and who played for Jamaica against the Trinidadians out here last season, plays have up to Dec. 8, won three trophies in the Trinidad football competitions.

Other well known footballers who play for the Leaseholders are the brothers Buster and Lester Henderson, who toured Jamaica with the Trinidad team. As has already been reported in the paper, Botha Tench, the Trinidad international centre-half, is captain of the Casuals F.C., which team met the Leasholds on the occasion of the latter winning their third trophy.

The trophy played for, on the combination basis, and it was on Saturday, December 5, that they met in the final round to decide who should hold the cup for another year. This honour went to the Leaseholds by virtue of their 2—0 victory.

The champions however, were without Hadden and the Casuals without their skipper, of whom a great deal was expected, if the "Maroons", as they are called, were to win.

Although they were without Hadden, the Leaseholds' defence, it is said withstood the bombardment of the Casuals stoutly, but on the other hand, Lester Henderson, at inside right, was said to be off colour. His brother, at centre-half, however, was not only said to defend ably, but was always up with his forwards in the attack.