Wilkinson Will Again Lead Touring Trinidad Footballers

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

As appeared in the Gleaner on Monday last, Trinidad have been invited to send a football team to Surinam, a Dutch colony in Central America, to take part in the celebrations in connection with the marriage of Princess Juliana, the daughter of the Queen of Holland. The tour will be extended over two weeks—from December 31 to January 14.

On Wednesday night, December 9, the selection committee of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association met and selected a combination of fifteen players for the tour, and perhaps the selection that will be most welcome in Jamaica is that of Mr. Arthur Wilkinson, M.A., a master at Queen's Royal College to send lead the team again.

Wilkinson had the distinction of leading Trinidad to triumph over Jamaica during last season, as we are well aware, and his latest success on the field, which has again caused the T.A.F.A. to place in him its [illegible] song and dance, was when he led the T.A.F.A. side to a 3—0 victory over the Southern Amateur Football Association side in the annual North vs South match for the Skinner trophy last month.

Nine of the players who toured Jamaica with the Colony's triumphant team will make the coming visit to Surinam. They are, besides Wilkinson—Frank Ambard (goalkeeper), Botha Tench (centre-half), Buster Henderson and Otto Wilkes (halves), Harold Burnett (outside-right), John Alkins (centre-forward), Cyril Sutherland (inside-left), Willie Payne (outside-left). The rest of the players are—Jean Rignault, Rolly Tench and Gerald Remy (backs), A. Daniel, G. Chambers and Albert Alkins, brother of John (forwards). Their great right-back, Arthur Maynard, perhaps was unable to make the trip because at present he is more concerned in trying to gain a place on Trinidad's team for the coming inter-Colonial cricket tournament which will take place in that colony on January 15 of next year. And [illegible] player who gives cricket the preference.

Thirteen of the 15 players have already represented the island and eleven of those have done so abroad.


Incidentally, John Alkins team the Sporting Club after ten years of unsuccessful effort have carried off the greatest football honour of Trinidad by winning the First Class League Competition of 1936. When the Sporting Club did so, however, they were not on the field, but it came when Maple, the team for which Pryor Jones who toured Jamaica, plays defeated Shamrock, the team of Ambard and D. Galt, by 3 goals to nil.

In a previous game which was their last game of the season in this competition, Maple had held the Sporting Club to a nil all draw, and as a result when Maple and Shamrock met, the latter were only one point behind the current season's champions. Thus if they had won, instead of going down to defeat as they did, Shamrock would have won the competition.