Football Chat

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


In the course of a general discussion on the subject, a well known retired player said that Mr. Scotter was quite right when he attributed the drop in the standard of the game as due to the fact that the schools are no longer producing anything like first class footballers, and the reason is that the schools are no longer taking part in the competitions otherwise than for the Manning Cup. That is no doubt the whole truth, for I can well remember as a boy at school how an All-Jamaica side was never composed without a schoolboy.

In this Trinidad are well ahead of us at present, for Queen's Royal College and St. Mary College possess two of the leading first-class combinations in that colony; and to verify this, D. Galt, P. Jones and H. Burnett were all schoolboys when they came here last season Galt, from what I learn from the Trinidad press is at present one of the three leading backs in that colony.

The question is asked why football in the schools has so deteriorated. The answer to this is that the present-day schoolboys are undersized and that the standard of school football is in keeping with the stature of the players. I, however, believe that they can compete against Second Division teams but First Division—emphatically no. Or at least not at present.