Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

£60 For The J.F.A.

Rather an involved point is at present at issue (in a perfectly friendly spirit be it said) between the Trinidad Football Association and the Jamaica Football Association related to a portion of the expenses of the recent tour in Jamaica.

The arrangement originally come to was for Jamaica to pay the passages from Trinidad here and on from Jamaica to Haiti, where the Trinidad team originally intended to play after Jamaica.

Owing to shipping difficulties the passages out cost some £60 more than originally estimated, and Trinidad, rather than let the visit fall through, paid this amount themselves, Jamaica undertaking to reimburse it if the tour was a financial success. Whilst in Jamaica the Trinidad team accepted an offer to go on to Colombia instead of Haiti, Colombia paying their passages from here to Colombia, thus relieving Jamaica of the necessity of paying passages from here to Haiti as originally intended.

The Jamaica Football Association took the view that as the Colombian tour was supposed to be a big money maker, there was no necessity for them to reimburse the £60 provisionally spent by Trinidad—especially as Jamaica made very little money out of the tour here, indeed just got ahead of expenses.

Trinidad now represents, however, that they didn't make money on the Colombia trip, in fact actually dropped quite a bit, and are therefore asking the J.F.A. to "pony up" the original £60.

Under the circumstances it seems to be that the fair thing for the J.F.A. to do would be to pay up the £60; always provided there was a sufficient margin made out fo the tour to enable them to do so.