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Jamaica Gleaner

Sister Colony Trying To Collect £60 From Jamaica

At a meeting of the Council of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association on May 8, the following discussion arose over the visit of the Trinidad football team to this island during last season.—

It was discussion over the Jamaica tour that took up the greater part of the evening. After the reports of the Manager, Mr. C. B. Tench and Mr. A. Wilkinson, the Captain, had been read and adopted, the question of a slight disagreement with the Jamaican authorities was fully threshed out.

It would appear that when first the idea was suggested by Jamaica, the T.A.F.A. Council were somewhat reluctant, as they were afraid of the financial possibilities. This Jamaica guaranteed in the shape of passage money, and hotel expenses while in Jamaica.

It will be remembered that when they were in Jamaica, the team received an invitation to play a few matches in Colombia. Their acceptance had proved their undoing. The games in the South American Republic were a


and otherwise. As the original arrangement was that the team should return from Jamaica via Haiti, the Jamaicans argue that, Trinidad broke the "contract" so to say, by deciding to return by another route, so as to carry out the Colombian programme.

A matter of 300 dollars or so is involved, which Jamaica, in a recent communication, does not seem keen on remitting. Anyway, at Friday's meeting it was decided to write the Jamaican authorities again, asking them to reconsider their decision.

It is sincerely to be hoped that an amicable settlement will be arrived at. It would be more than a pity if such an enjoyable and successful tournament were to be marred at its termination by such an apparently trifling matter.