Jamaica Football Team For Trinidad Already On Tapis

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Jamaica Gleaner


Trinidad's victory over Jamaica on the football field in this Island has given the sister colony's football a great fillip. Venezuela has just written to the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, the controlling body of football in that Colony asking to send a team over to the Republic this year. The proposal was, however, turned down as it was though that owing to the extended tour, which had just been completed, it would not be possible to accept such an other for another year at least.

The reports of the Captain and Manager of the Team, which toured Jamaica the other day were presented and approved at a recent meeting of the Association's Council.

At a big official dinner held in honour of the victorious touring team the function was presided over by the Director of Education, the Hon. Captain J. O. Cutteridge, M.B.E., who is President of the Association. In an interesting speech he read the following letter which had been sent by the President of the Jamaica Football Association to the Trinidad Association:

"I am sure, you will all be very pleased to know, the visit was


in every particular. Our newspaper report will no doubt convey to you more than I can in this letter, but I do wish on behalf of my Council to say, we have enjoyed the privilege of entertaining your team.

"They have, in every way, measured up to the obligations they were called upon to fulfil. There has not been a query, or an awkward corner, of any description, from the time they
arrived until they left. If they have carried away with them memories as pleasant as they have left behind, the visit will, in every way, have proved, once again, how well a set of men can get together on a field of sport.

"We naturally would have liked to have won some of the Colonial series, but we bow to a
better team, who won on their merits. We shall all look forward at some future date to renewing our association with them."

The gathering of footballers and sportsmen applauded the thoughts expressed in the letter and Capt. Cutteridge, on behalf of the Association, expressed their appreciation of the hearty reception which was given to their side by the J.F.A. and particularly for the


handed out to them on all sides in Jamaica, and coupled the names of Messrs. daCosta, Mordecai and Palmer, with this.

The speaker went on to refer to the fact that support was needed as they would like to invite a team from Jamaica so that they could have the opportunity of taking from Trinidad the honour which the Trinidad players had just taken from Jamaica.

They had no finance behind them but they must be assured that the results of those matches would be sufficient to ensure the expenditure. If they could get the guarantee in any shape or form they would take over a Jamaica team at any time and he hoped that by the time he returned from holiday in England, Trinidad football would not be in a slough of

Captain Cutteridge then referred to the possibility of an


visiting Trinidad. He said that Mr. S. F. Rouse, Secretary of a football club in England had forwarded a proposal, which would be placed before the Council of the Association at an early date.

Captain Wilkinson, who was a popular figure on our football field in a fine speech in which he had some very nice things to say about Jamaica, said that the Trinidad men who came to Jamaica with reputations only enhanced them and those who went without reputations succeeded in making them.