The Visiting Footballers At Luncheon

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Jamaica Gleaner

Capt. A. A. Heathorn, English Sportsman, Entertains At Manor House.
The Trinidadians Are Charming Both On And Off The Field, Says Host.

Captain A. A. Heathorn who in his own words, is "vegetating" here, entertained the Trinidad Football Team at luncheon at Manor House Hotel yesterday.

In addition to all the members of the team, the following sat to lunch: Mrs. Heathorn, Captain and Mrs. Rutty, Messrs. Allan Sellars, Harcourt, W. A. S. Hardy and A. E. Brandon.

The luncheon was informal in the sense that in place of the customary toast list, a verbal
proclamation, issued at 1 o'clock, gave every member of the party "the right to speak until he or she could say no more."

At 2.30 when the gathering dispersed, the genial host still "held the floor." He was heard ordering more champagne cup—for everybody.

But to get down to serious copy: the luncheon proved a most delightful function.

There was plenty of good food "and jokes went round and careless chat."

Capt. Heathorn who used to play football—or rather Rugger—in his younger days had some nice things to say about the Trinidadians.

He said they ware an excellent combination to watch on the field; and off it they were more charming.

As the Captain had travelled on the same ship as the team from Trinidad, he certainly did not speak from hearsay.

Every individual member of the team expressed himself in terms of sincere appreciation of the sporting spirit of benevolence which had prompted Captain Heathorn to give the luncheon.

Captain and Mrs. Heathorn are spending the winter in Jamaica.

The Captain is a son of Mr. Alfred Heathorn, who died last summer. He is the head of one of the most reputable firms Of Turf Commission Agents in London, with a large clientele in Jamaica.

His three horses, May Apple, Stray Star and Grand Piano which were shipped to Jamaica a short time ago, have raced at Knutsford Park.