Trinidad Football Combination Play Game At Curacao

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Jamaica Gleaner

Over 3,000 football enthusiasts witnessed the match played on Sunday afternoon last at Curacao between the Curacao Eleven and the Trinidad team which is coming to Jamaica to play a series of matches.

The team arrived at Curacao on Sunday on the s.s. Colombia and was given a splendid welcome. The vessel docked at noon and at 4:30 p.m. the match was played.

The game started briskly with the local team driving down to the west, and within 20 minutes of play the homesters with good combination scored the first goal by a penalty. This greatly encouraged them and about 15 minutes later another goal was scored.

The visitors then started on the defensive which they kept up until half time.


In the second half the Trinidadians started out with renewed vigour but the combination of the local chaps would not allow them an opportunity to score. The home team soon scored another goal and a few minutes later the visitors scored by a penalty, the game was very brisk from this point onwards but neither side scored again and the match ended in a victory for the homesters by 3 goals to one.

It might be mentioned that Trinidad possesses a


and it was his splendid work that prevented the Curacao team from scoring more goals. The visitors, however, were under several disadvantages such as size of ground, very little grass, while most of their players were not up to mark, due to sea-sickness.

It is interesting to note that most of the members of the Curacao XI were among the team, who after visiting Surinam last year passed through Trinidad and were trounced by a Trinidad Club; so this victory by them was a revenge.

The Trinidad Team will play a return match at Curacao on their way back from Jamaica.

Football fans in Curacao are awaiting the matches to be played in Jamaica with keen interest.

It is reported that an effort will be made in Curacao to send a football team to Jamaica next year.