Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Jamaica Side Vs. Trinidad.

One week from today (I am writing this on Thursday) Jamaica will face Trinidad on the football field in the first of the three inter-Colony matches—what will our side be for the occasion?

The trial match at Sabina last Monday could have been very little help to the Selectors—W. K. Dunleavy was unable to attend, and his is one of the positions that there is considerable
uncertainty over.

Both Mackenzie and Huntley daCosta played well. Captain Harvey, put back in the forward line also showed excellent form—so what will the Selectors do now?

It is possible a last Trial match might be put on to-morrow and personally I think this would be a good idea—let the Combined Schools XI play the selected Jamaica XI—good practice for both sides, and would give the Selectors a last chance to decide on a couple of positions on which they must still be doubtful. However, whether they have a Trial to-morrow or not, I do not think the Selectors can do better than the following forward line for the first All Jamaica match: Outside left, A. E. Mackenzie; inside left, Captain Harvey; centre forward, W. K. Dunleavy; inside right, Alty Sasso; outside right, Huntley daCosta—this line gives them all the best talent available at present, and, although one man, Mackenzie, would be playing out of his usual position, I do not think this would bother him very much; in fact I am confident he would perform better in this position than either of the two left wingers that the Selectors have been trying so far.

In the half line I suggest "Pinkie" Smith in the centre, Parks and Sinclair as wing halves—all these three are hard workers, carry plenty of weight (always a desirable thing in a half) and
have plenty of football experience. Willie Passailaigue and Hadden are my choice for backs, and Clarence Passailaigue in goal.

It must be borne in mind that, in the case of the first match against Trinidad it is desirable to have as many experienced players as possible on the side, as they will be less likely to be upset by the occasion. In the other two matches younger players can be substituted if necessary with more chance of doing themselves justice.