To Select Team To Meet Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

It has been found necessary to make some changes in the teams for the final football trial match at Sabina Park this afternoon, after which the side to represent Jamaica in the first Colony match against Trinidad will be selected.

Dunleavy, down to play at centre-forward for the "Colours," will be unable to play on account of illness, and McKenzie will be transferred from the "Whites" side in his place. To fill the place (inside-left) left vacant by the transfer of McKenzie, Greenwood will be brought into the team. Due to pressure of business Hadden will also be unable to keep back for the "Colours," so his place will be taken by Hendricks, who was originally down to play at half-back for the "Whites." Espeut will take the place of Hendricks. V. Sinclair will keep goal in place of Passailaigue.

The re-arranged teams will be as follows:—

"Colours": V. Sinclair, K. L. Passailaigue, E. A. Hendricks, L. Parks, Pinkie Smith, L. Hitchins, J. H. Briggs, Alty Sasso, A. E. McKenzie, Capt. Harvey, A. L. Webster.

"Whites": J. Groves, D. Peters, V. Peters, D. Espeut, J. L. Sinclair, V. M. Moodie, H. DaCosta, H. Redman, L. DeLeon, Greenwood, F. Kinkead.

Prior to this game the public was allowed in free to the other trial matches, but on this afternoon a charge will be made at the gates.