Trinidad Team Will Be Here Within A Week

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Jamaica Gleaner

Final Selections To Be Made For All-Schools Team For Opening Match
Some Positions To Be Decided By Monday's Trial

WITHIN another week or so, the visiting Trinidad football combination will arrive in the island to engage in a series of matches against an all-Jamaica side and three individual clubs—Sherwood Foresters, St. George's Old Boys and Kingston.

As an opening of this tournament the visiting Trinidad team will play against an all-Schools combination at Sabina Park on Christmas Day and in as much as the result of this tussle should not be taken into much consideration as far as the visitors are concerned, it will nevertheless give the football public of Jamaica some idea as to the playing ability of the visitors.

With regard to the selection made of the all-Schools team I was informed that it is not the final selection as one or two changes might be made. It is also brought to my knowledge that a test among these school boy players will also be made which I personally think is really necessary, for as I have remarked before, that would even serve as at least a practice for the selected players.

With the playing of the final trial match on Monday afternoon Jamaica's team will be selected, though it is really a matter of just settling one of two positions of the forward and half lines that this final test will be played.

I observed that the pick between Huntley DaCosta of Kingston and Briggs of the Y.M.C.A. for the outside right position is still causing much anxiety. This is a matter which I feel will give the selectors much concern. Both these players, as I have remarked on more than one previous occasion, are playing extremely good football, and if the final pick between these two players rest entirely on this single position it will be undoubtedly most disappointing to the player not favoured.


In Monday's trial, Dunleavy of Munro has been chosen to play at centre forward for the "Possible" side, and on this same side Captain Harvey will play at inside left. On the opposite, side, the ''Probables", McKenzie will play at inside left, his old position. This evidently means that if Dunleavy shows up at centre forward his selection on the Jamaica side will then be decided and the fight for the selection of the inside left will be between Captain Harvey and McKenzie.

Here again the fact is indisputable that both McKenzie and Captain Harvey are masters of this position. Both, in addition, are two of the best shots in Jamaica to-day. To select McKenzie in preference of Captain Harvey is a rather doubtful matter; for in all departments of play it has been seen that Captain Harvey holds his own, and is one of the finest players in the island at present; yet I feel that to leave McKenzie from the team would be extremely regrettable.

Another contention that will be settled from Monday's trial is that of the outside left position. The selectors have very wisely invited over Webster of Montego Bay, whose rival for this position will be Kinkead of Kingston. Frankly, I think the selection of Kinkead over Webster would not at all meet a unanimous approval, apart from not doing justice to the side; for between Kinkead's playing ability and that of Webster there can be no comparison, in that Webster has in his favour the experience of playing in big matches on several occasions.

If Dunleavy is finally selected for the centre forward position, and Captain Harvey at inside left, it means that the position for centre half is open and rests entirely on the performance of the final trail of Monday afternoon. Playing in this position on both teams on Monday will be veteran Pinkie Smith of Railway and John Sinclair of Y.M.C.A. There can be no doubt that both these players, especially Pinkie Smith in spite of his advancing years, are playing perhaps their finest game for many a season.

As good as Sinclair appears however, it is almost inconceivable that he should be selected ahead of Pinkie Smith, who apart from being the "old master" of this position of Jamaica's football, has the unbounded experience of these big encounters; and is really one of our few defenders who can play with genuine safety anywhere on the half line and at any position on the back line. Smith should then gain the favour of the selectors, if but as an appreciation for his years of usefulness to Jamaica's football.


I have been informed quite recently that as good as Ambard is, it is the feeling of a section of the followers of Trinidad football that Grant, the all-Trinidad star goalie, who unavoidably cannot get off to come down with the team, should nevertheless be sent to Jamaica later on for at least the closing all-Jamaica matches. This would undoubtedly be a fine gesture on the part of the Trinidad Football Association as, the team should be given the opportunity of presenting its very best players in all sections for the invasion.

A. Wilkinson, the skipper of the side is further featured in a recent issue of one of the Trinidad papers for his knowledge of the game and ability. It is further expressed that in him the team will have a skipper of merit, not only as a leader but playing at left half.

One hears so much of the outstanding ability of W. Paque [sic, Payne], the speedy outside left, that Jamaica fans look forward with interest to his arrival; and if this is true, then Jamaica's team for the three trials should be the strongest that has been placed on the field in any previous encounters of this nature for the past six or seven years.

Another player on the Trinidad side that one hears much of is Bertie Thompson, the crack middle distance champion of that colony and speedy forward of the one time famous Everton Club. Speaking of speed and football sense I can personally say much of this player as I have seen him in action both on the football field and on the track of Trinidad. Such a player is another welcome member of the side, whose arrival Jamaica will await with great anticipation.