Referees For Trinidad Visit

Charles Thompson
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Sir,—Please allow me little space in your valuable column for the sake of good refereeing. Talking about getting a good team, it equally good to get the best referees, for the best game is made bad by bad refereeing. Mr. Scotter said that the three best referees should be selected, but the standard of refereeing is so high that all capable referees should be given a chance. Up to date we have three young referees in the persons of Messrs. Laing, Jones, Sanguinetti, who are very good. There is hardly anything to choose between them.

Mr. Hanna is in a class by himself. Mr. Webb is also sound. I would suggest that all the above named referees be used.

For the school match, Mr. Hanna; First All Jamaica, Mr. Webb; Second All Jamaica, Mr. Hanna; Match against Soldiers, Mr. Laing; Match against Kingston, Mr. Jones; Match against St. George's Old Boys, Mr. Sanguinetti; All Jamaica last match, Mr. Hanna.

I hope this will catch the eye of the Jamaica Football Association or those concerned for their consideration. I would also ask your readers to give their views on my selection.

I am, etc.,
Cross Roads P.O.,
St. Andrew,