Jamaica XI Wins Trial Football Game

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Troubles Of The Selectors Probably Increased By Good Play Of Everyone
"Probables" Were Well On Top Of The Defence Of The "Possibles" All Through

PROBABLES .......... 1 (Alty Sasso)
POSSIBLES ........... 0

The troubles of the Selectors for the Jamaica football side against Trinidad were probably increased rather than otherwise by yesterday's trial game at Sabina Park; as while nearly all the players who may be regarded as moderate certainties played well, the doubtful positions on the side remained more doubtful than ever.

Following were the two sided, the "Colours" being the "Probables" and "Whites" "Possibles."

Colours:—C. C. Passailaigue, D. Peter, W. T. Hadden, L. Parke, Capt. Harvey, L. Hitchens, J. H. Briggs, A. D. Sasso, A. MacKenzie, H. R. DaCosta, R. F. Kinkead.

Whites: V. Sinclair, K. L. Passailaigue, Pinkie Smith, O. A. Kirkpatrick, J. L. Sinclair, V. M. Moodie, F. McIntosh, H. Redman, L. deLeon, J. d'Azevado, S. Bartlett. Reserves: O. C. Galloway, E. A. Hendricks and V. Peter.

The experiment with Capt. Harvey at centre half was anything but a success, this fine player being anything but happy in the position, while neither of the two outside left men showed sustained form though both did good work at times.


As agaisnt this it was refreshing to see the Jamaica inside forwards on this occasion Alty Sasso, Mackenzie and Huntley DaCosta, all displaying plenty of pace as well as clever combination. Although the Jamaica side won by the odd goal only, they were well on top of the defence all the time, and only some really brilliant goal keeping by Sinclair of Railway prevented them being four or five goals up.

Sinclair made some of the finest saves ever seen at Sabina Park, nor were they flukes as it was correct positioning as much as quickness which enabled him to stop them.

Jamaica opened up the game briskly and Kinkead put over a good centre but Sasso spoilt the opening by handling the ball.

For the Possibles Redman and deLeon combined well to take the ball to the other end, but the latter fumbled a pretty good chance. Just before half time MacKenzie, Sasso and DaCosta all missed off good chances, made as the result of bright combination between them. The other side had their full share of attack but were kept from anything dangerous by the fine play of Hadden.


With the Jamaica side going down the hill a regular bombardment of the Whites' goal commenced.

Briggs, who had been somewhat starved in the first half came into the picture with some very neat runs and centres—in fact it was not too much to say that whenever he was given the ball he did something effective with it.

Off one of these centres Mackenzie crashed in a hard low shot from not more than three yards out, for Sinclair to save brilliantly—off the rebound Mackenzie again let go, full speed;, but Sinclair was again on the spot.

Then Alty Sasso got away solo from a pretty pass by DaCosta and sent in one of his best for the far corner of the goal—but Sinclair got a hand to it in miraculous fashion and tipped it over the bar.

Finally Sasso got away from a good run by Briggs and drove for the last inch of the goal—but even then Sinclair might well have saved it, for he was righ in position, but the ball rebounded off the inside of the upright.

The Possibles' forward then had a spell of control of play, but in spite of good work by DeLeon, d'Azevedo and Redman could not get within the danger zone, Passailaigue being only tested with one difficult shot.

An excellent display in the half back position was given by a new man Hendricks, who was the best hald on the field for the day's play.

Of the full backs Passailaigue and Pinkie Smith were both good, but Peter was unconvincing.

G. St. C. S.