Trinidad Selects Her Footballers To Visit Jamaica

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Jamaica Gleaner

Defence Represent The Best That Can Be Chosen

TRINIDAD, Nov. 10.—Selectors of the T.A.F.A. met last week and chose the side which will tour Jamaica at the end of the year states to-day's "Sporting Chronicle."

A total of 15 players will make the trip, but only 14 selected the last place being left over for final decision until the conclusion of the North vs South match which took place yesterday.

A. Wilkinson, Trinidad's captain in recent years, has again been saddled with the mantle of responsibility whilst C. Botha Tench has been assigned the dual duties of Vice-captain and Manager.

The team comprises

Goal Keeper Frank Ambard, Backs J. F. Merry, A. Maynard, D. Galt, Halves O. Wilkes, C. B. Tench, B. Henderson, A. Wilkinson (capt); Forwards R. Hill, R. Burnett, J. Alkins, C. Sutherland, P. Jones, B. Thompson.


So far as the defence goes, it represents the very best that can be chosen with the material at the disposal of the T.A.F.A. with the solitary exception of goal-keeping and accuracy of work.

Rolfe Grant, is undoubtedly, the best ever seen between the uprights in this colony but, in his unavoidable absence, Frank Ambard is a worthy substitute and he can be depended upon to nobly uphold the grand record which he has built up in his performances between the uprights.

Maynard and Merry are admittedly the best pair of backs to be found at present and they have established in their several outings together such a fine combination that they should find no difficulty in carrying on the good work in the Isle of Springs.

A better half back line could hardly have been chosen. With Tench as pivotman and A. Wilkinson and C. Wilkes as supporting units, along with B. Henderson, the quartette is capable of taking good care of themselves and keeping the opposition at bay.

J. Alkins, B. Thompson and R. Hill in the inside positions are popular choices and better players could hardly have been selected. A. Stollmeyer might have been a welcome improvement to the line if he could have made the trip, but he seemed off colour when playing in the North vs South match in Skinner Park a fortnight ago, and Alkins should be capable of filling his place with satisfaction.

K. Galt, the most


of the season, is another who was unable to accept the invitation to make the trip. He has had a meteoric rise to fame as a prolific goal-getter, but is yet to show his mettle on the big occasion. Down South recently he did not shine at all and it would have been only a speculative move to have chosen him and expected he would have reproduced his wonderful league form in Trinidad in strange surroundings.

On the whole, therefore, the team has been excellently chosen and they ought to give good account of themselves.

One thing which the T.A.F.A. ought to do and it is of the utmost importance—it is that they should arrange for a try out between an eleven selected from the touring side and the rest of the first class sides.

Such a match will give the team an opportunity of playing together before departure with a view to getting the new players to understand each other. And, from another aspect, it will provide football lovers of seeing the side in action in a farewell performance before they depart from our shores on this pioneer visit.