Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad Is Coming

I am unofficially able to announce the best piece of football news that Jamaica has had for many a long year—the Trinidad football team will shortly be here to play a series of eight matches in the island.

A few final details remain to be settled, so the official announcement will not be made for the next few days—but take it from me, Trinidad is coming!

There has been a lot of correspondence to and fro over the matter between the Jamaica Football Association and the Trinidad Football Association—the very heavy expense of passages being the snag—but the J.F.A. has acted in a bold and progressive manner over the project, and has decided to have the team, and "blow the expense,'' so to speak.

If some reduction in passages can be obtained, the prospect financially will not look too bad—if not the Association are faced with very heavy outlay, one which will need the fullest possible support from the football public to carry it through.

That support they should certainly have; the visit is on exceedingly attractive one, for Trinidad are a fine team and there is the additional attraction of keen though friendly inter-colony rivalry; Jamaica has not had a football visit for years and years, and needs one in the worst way possible; the Jamaica side we can get together at present is a good one, and should do us credit—so altogether the bold and sporting policy of the Association in taking the financial risk, should be assured of the utmost support from football followers.

I will be able to give details of dates, etc., as soon as the official announcement is made.