Annual Meeting J.F.A.

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Jamaica Gleaner

Prospects of Visit of Trinidad Team Outlined By President

THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Jamaica Football Association was held on Thursday evening at Sabina Park.



The Council had invited the Trinidad Authorities to send delegates to a conference to discuss the possibility of having a team from Trinidad pay a visit to Jamaica. They had done so, but first of all the rates of passage were prohibitive. Try as the Council had the tour would cost approximately £500. Squeeze as they could, there was no possibility of realizing more than £395. The Council had still been hoping, however, to obviate the difficulty of the cost of passages, and had had in mind January as the time of the visit. But when they had thought there was fair sailing, "the tour of the Yorkshire Cricket Team was fixed for February next and put an end to the plan to have the visit come off next January. He wanted them to be assured however, that the Council was doing all it could to bring off the tour. Finally, the Council had decided to ask the Trinidad team to come earlier and if it could and there was the possibility of overcoming the financial difficulties, it was trusting that the trip would be realized.