Spotlight on Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Inter-Colonial Football Finance

The following facts and figures relative to the financial aspect of inter-Colonial football will no doubt be of interest to our Association here — they are taken from a new magazine "Sport and General" which has recently started in British Guiana: The Intercolonial Triangular Association Football Tournament between Barbados, Trinidad and British Guiana has been suspended for two years. The three Associations have all lost money on the first series, but Barbados and British Guiana were willing to carry on in face of the deficit. Trinidad decided to give the tournament a rest.

British Guiana lost $245.93 on the series. The first round was played in Demerara and the net receipts were $2,035.96. The trip to Barbados cost the B.G.F.A. $1,289.32, and the visit to Trinidad's losses amounted to $2,075.07. Their trip to British Guiana cost the T.A.F.A. $1,558,92 and the visit to Barbados $1,249.03. In Trinidad the receipts were only $1,558.92 with expenses amounting to $826.04.