Football In Trinidad

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Jamaica Gleaner

Players Known Here Take Part In Matches There

Although his side was beaten in the Red Cross Fund match between Casuals and Shamrock in Trinidad recently, Jeffrey Stollmeyer, young West Indian cricketer and footballer was again in form; and his partner on the left-wing Gerry Gomez, also a West Indies cricketer, had to give way to him.

The Governor of the Colony attended the match, which ended thrillingly as with the score at one goal each and after a great struggle for the lead Shamrock gained the deciding goal with about twentyone seconds to go.

Shamrock had scored first through H. Burnett, outside-right to Jamaica, and Jeffrey equalised about ten minutes after. The winners were led by D. Kalt, the Casuals by Botha Tench while Frank Ambard kept goal for Shamrock, and Jack Merry played right back for Casuals.


The veteran Trinidad skipper to Jamaica, Arthur Wilkinson is still a tower of strength for Queen's Royal College, of which he is a master, as according to a report in a match recently he 'scored one of the most spectacular goals of the season.'

His side was leading one nil, but the opposing team equalised after 45 minutes, "But a few minutes after, Wilkinson scored with a 'daisy' of a shot. The goalie cleared and kicked rather low, Wilkinson taking a 'first-timer' and sending, the ball with a near mid-field kick into the back of the net, the astonished Vincent (goalie) being unable to do anything but watch its flight."

Wilkinson, incidentally, is now a forward and not a half back as local fans knew him. He played at inside-left, in the above match.


The same team (Colts) which lost to Wilkinson's team, gained one of the biggest successes of the Trinidad season by downing the strong Casuals 5—1 in a First League match.

The Casuals were without Botha Tench but had Merry at back, the two Stollmeyers on the respective wings, and Gomez playing alongside Victor, who recently was admitted to practise as a solicitor.

Gomez, who scored his side's only goal, was outstanding. Colts scored first, and "encouraged by drawing first blood, repeatedly bombarded the Casuals' area, but Merry in the back line was a stalwart in the defence and cleared effectively," runs an extract from the report.

"Casuals at this period began to buck up and prominent in the for-thers and Gerry Gomez . . . . Gomez tried a beauty soon afterwards, the ball just skimming the upright with Vincent running across and . . . hopelessly out of place.

"Vincent received the plaudits of the crowd when he dived full length and held a magnificent left-foot shot by Gomez . . . Jeff Stollmeyer also got possession, centred, but Vincent saved again . . .

"Casuals eventually scored their only item when Gerry Gomez from close range gave Vincent no chance." The score was then 2—1 but Casuals had three more scored against them.