Sport In Trinidad

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Jamaica Gleaner

Football Season Starts

Football generally gets off to an earlier start in Trinidad than in Jamaica. The game is controlled by two leading amateur bodies—the T.A.F.A. and the Northern A.F.L.

The latter association will be the first to start the ball a-rolling, their season starting to-day, definitely, while the T.A.F.A., the premier body, and that responsible for the team that visited Jamaica some years ago, will either begin on that date or on Saturday.

At the annual general meeting of the T.A.F.A., the Hon. Captain J. O. Cutteridge was re-elected President, and Mr. E. A. Hinds as Secretary and Treasurer.

Around the same time the Casuals F.C., champions of the last season, held their general meeting, and C. Botha Tench, vice-captain and centre-half of the Trinidad team which visited us, was made a member of the Selection Committee.

It is interesting that Rolph Grant, Jeffrey and Victor Stollmeyer, and Gerry Gomez are all members of the club and of the present West Indies cricket team in England. Andre Stollmeyer, brother of Jeff and Victor, is captain of the club, a roll he filled with success the previous season.