A Full Year Of Sports In Br. Guiana

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Jamaica Gleaner

There Are Four Tournaments Besides The Local Cup Engagements.

Besides the very interesting account of the sporting activities of Mr. P. C. Cox, all-round sportsman of British Guiana, notes on the coming inter-Colonial sports in British Guiana and the news about Rogers retirement from the track, all of which were published separately during last week, I have received other sports notes by the latest mail from British Guiana, the chief of which refers to the proposal with regard to Jamaica footballers touring British Guiana, Trinidad and perhaps Barbados.

These notes were sent to me by Mr. P. C. Cox, who is the Hon. Assistant Secretary and Treasurer of the British Guiana Football Association.

The following are extracts from the British Guiana notes:

The letter from the J. F. A. was considered at a meeting of the B.G.F.A. about a month ago and serious consideration deferred for two reasonsā€”

(a) We are involved in four tournaments this year besides the local cup matches which start on March 6 next. The tournaments are, Surinam here around early May, Venezuela here around early August, after the B. G. C. C. sports. Surinam in Paramaribo at the end of August, Trinidad-Barbados around October-November in Port-of-Spain.

(b) It would be best to talk it over with Trinidad and as the opportunity arises in October when we go there, we could talk it over and draw Barbados into the discussion and find out their opinion as to themselves, then next year it would be all O.K. especially as we are only at home to Surinam in February.