Trinidad Beat B.G. And Barbados In Inter-Colony Soccer

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Jamaica Gleaner

(By D.W.I. Cable Co.)

PORT OF SPAIN, Oct 23 (Canadian Press).—Playing in inter-colonial football, Trinidad beat Barbados 8—4 in a preliminary friendly encounter to-day. Rain soaked the ground which speedily became a morass and the play often bordered on farcical. Trinidad's heavier team surmounted the wretched conditions better than the visitors' of whom Sealy was in fine form. Harold Achong and Bradshaw excelled for Trinidad. The scores were: Trinidad, Bradshaw 5, Harold Achong 3; Barbados, Sealy 3, Paris

B.G. Footballers

PORT OF SPAIN, Oct. 24 (By D.W.I. Cable Co.).—British Guiana footballers arrive here for the Inter-colony tournament with the motto, "Strike hard and strike first all the time." The team was officially welcomed by the council of the Trinidad Amateur Association. Mr. Small, the captain, declared himself optimistic over the chances of the two best players in British Guiana.

Trinidad Beat B.G.

(By D.W.I. Cable Co.)

PORT OF SPAIN, Oct 24 (Canadian Press by D.W.I. Cable Co.).—At the inter-colonial football ground in ideal weather, a large crowd saw Trinidad beat British Guiana, two-nil this afternoon. The goalkeeping of Rolph Grant of Trinidad and Robinson of British Guiana was the outstanding feature of the match. The scorers were Alleyne of British Guiana, through his own goal, one, and Lewis of Trinidad, one. The stage is now set for the first round of the tournament on Thursday when Barbados engage British Guiana. Derrick Sealy of Barbados, crack centre-forward, is a doubtful starter in consequence of a sprained ankle received in yesterday's game. The medical verdict is anxiously awaited.