The Dos Caminos Football Team Sail Away From Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Port of Spain "Gazette" of December 14 says:—

"The Dos Caminos team sailed away from these shores last night by the French steamer "Cuba" carrying with them the handsome Bull Dog Cigarette Cup, but leaving behind a long list of misdeeds on the field of sport and a reputation which no sporting side would crave.

Yesterday afternoon their tour came to a close when they met and defeated a Shamrock-Maple XI by the margin of 3 goals to 2, in a game which started off tamely but nearly ended up, owing to the ungentlemanly behaviour of some of the visitors, in a dog fight.

In one instance so serious did the referee, Mr. M. Grell view the action of one of their defence units, that he ordered him off the field. On another occasion DeCoteau was openly threatened by Negron, the Venezuelan custodian and a fight seemed imminent when the referee's intervention put an end to what would have a [illegible] spectacle for the crowd around the enclosure had [illegible] and was charging down to the visitors goal area.

The most regrettable [illegible] however, occurred [illegible] This was a case of [illegible] was a Venezuelan striking one of his own men. Both players left the field abruptly and they returned after much coaxing.


The game on the whole was not played in the correct spirit and was certainly the worst of the tour. The first fifteen minutes play was extremely dull, the Dos Caminos [illegible] from an attack of staleness.