Navy Meets Kingston At Football To-day

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The civilian team chosen to represent the Kingston F.C. against the Navy to-day, at Sabina Park is not as strong us we should like it to be, several of the players originally chosen, being unable to take part. In the first instance it was intended to play a Kingston club eleven solely, but as it was subsequently found that three or four of the regular players were unable to take part, outside aid was sought. However, I would not leave the implication that the team is a weak, one; by no means. Whether it will stay the Fleet, I doubt strongly; in truth, I doubt whether our strongest eleven would pull through successfully. l had the pleasure of seeing an inter-ship match at Camp on Sunday, between H.M.S.'s Calcutta, and Capetown, and the latter, though a goal down ten minutes before time, made a wonderful recovery and eventually won by 5 goals to 3. Obviously, both sides were unpractised, but in spite of this, they gave an exhibition of clean, accurate football, several players showing deft control and an excellent knowledge of the finer points of the game. With the added help of the "Constance," the three naval ships should field a formidable eleven, much stronger than that which defeated a picked Trinidad side by one goal to nil, only two or three months ago.