Spotlight on Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Under the circumstances the Association are considering what other visiting team they might be able to secure—for it is to long since we have had a real football visit that the J. F. A. feel, and rightly, that unless something is done this year to give the game a [illegible], it may die of sheer inaction.

There are a couple of possible propositions—one is a Cuban team. This is the most attractive of all in that it would cost so little to get them here. But, against this is the fact that, with Cuba in its present disturbed state, it is doubtful if we could get a really representative Cuban side; and, secondly, that Cuban players are no novelty here since we have already seen two or three Latin American sides.

Personally I should like to see the Association try to arrange a visit from a Trinidad side.

Trinidad have a very good football team, and there would be the great attraction of the inter-Colonial element in such a visit, which would in my opinion ensure larger gates than from any Cuban or South American side. A visit from a Trinidad team would not be a very expensive proposition and, in view of the inter-Colonial aspect alluded to, should easily be made to pay expenses, and more.